Merritt's Scholars

The Merritt's Scholars program offers up to four LDP sophomores the chance to participate in experiential excursions and pro-active leadership.

Merritt Levitan was an active student, athlete, leader in her community, and an inspiring young woman. In 2013, while on a cross-country cycling trip, Merritt was struck by a young driver who was texting and driving. After her untimely and tragic death, her friends created the Text Less Live More awareness campaign.

The Levitan family, long-time supporters of the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP), have also honored Merritt's legacy by establishing Merritt's Way, participating annually in the Rodman Ride for Kids fundraiser, and through their direct generous contributions to our program at Trinity Boston Foundation.

A student nominated as a Merritt Scholar will receive funding to participate in an Overland summer excursion and participate in the creation of an awareness campaign that serves the needs of the student's school or community during their Senior year.

Class of 2017

Omar Beechman

Aureli Reyes

Valerie Monterrey

Class of 2018

Cyrus Aguirre

Adriana De La Rosa

Devin Mitchell

Class of 2019

Cliff Gedeon

Jazmine Rosario