Trinity Boston Foundation's Impact


 The youth who participate in our programs have greater odds of leading lives of their own making, becoming leaders in their communities, completing high school with a diploma or GED, and continuing to college or pursuing a clear career path.

Community Connectedness

Our programs create safe communities for our participants where personal growth can happen. Through our programs, youth learn to value community and how to access its benefits.


We work with youth to foster their resilience. With our support, youth clarify their personal values so they can be successful, however they define it.

Self Efficacy

Our programs help build a youth’s belief in their ability to succeed in specific situations. We accompany youth as they develop a vision of what success can look like for them and help spark their inner fire to achieve that success.

Before Sole Train, I used to think that in order to accomplish anything, I had to compete against myself and others. I now see that I can accomplish my goals better and in a more enjoyable way by helping others and accepting their help. So really, Sole Train has been like a family in that way and as a result, I am now open to seeing life in this beautiful way.
Ralph, Young Sole
Most importantly, I learned that by empowering someone else, I can also empower myself. I couldn’t just tell my mentee how to have integrity; I also had to make sure that I embodied integrity in everything I did.
Arlette, TEEP Alum
Through Sole Train, I’ve challenged myself to exceed what I thought were my own limits and expectations. Sole Train has empowered me to push through difficult tasks that have been hard in the past. If I can run a half marathon in two weeks, then I know that I can also run past my personal challenges.
Juan, Young Sole

We also believe that our work improves the health of the communities we work with by increasing teacher effectiveness and improving school attendance.

Anna, Colin, and Tracy finishing

I remember what “T.” was like last year. This year, he’s like a different person. The work Trinity has done to support him and get him re-engaged in learning has been remarkable.
DMC Classroom Teacher

The work that Nate, Laura, and Sophia have done with our students has had a significant impact on many of them. Their attendance has improved, they are more engaged in class, and have stronger coping mechanisms for de-escalating conflicts or managing their ‘fight or flight’ response to challenging academic content. The students who work with the life coaches know they have an advocate in their corner who cares about them, knows them, and is invested in their success.
8th Grade Teacher


When you think about the complexion of a level 3 or 4 turnaround school, and getting from good to great, you’ve got to move kids from the very bottom up. Relationships like the ones Trinity@DMC is building are what will allow this school to move forward. The staff on the ground have built unique and impactful relationships with the students. Any time you can have additional adults getting students on the right path, it’s an amazing thing. Trinity staff bring a spirit of true collaboration to the DMC, and have an open door. We really want to build on that.
Josh Waxman, Program Manager at City Year

Having Trinity at the DMC has been a huge asset. In my experience, Trinity has helped students improve their attendance, but more than that, has been a resource for many students who have traumas that prevent them from being successful in class. I have worked closely with several of the Trinity counselors in providing much needed support to an 8th grade student. This student has grown in numerous ways due to the counseling and interventions that Trinity has provided at our school.
City Year Corps Member