Trinity Education for Excellence Program

The Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) empowers students to achieve excellence through our tuition-free character and leadership development programs.

TEEP’s mission is to establish a safe and supportive community with Boston’s Youth of Color where every member is inspired to discover, empowered to achieve, and individually affirmed.

Read the 2017 Boston Summer Learning Community Program Report for Improvement & System Measurement on TEEP here.
TEEP Programming

We recruit TEEP participants during their 6th grade year. Once admitted they are enrolled for three consecutive summers, after which they are eligible to participate in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for the four years of high school.

TEEP Summer Session consists of 5-weeks of academic, cultural, and community enrichment wherein the focus is on building supportive relationships and fostering a love of learning. Through project-based academic work and experiential learning opportunities that include rowing, sailing, yoga, creative writing, and photography, TEEP helps students develop academic confidence and discover their voice.

Academic-Year Sessions consists of monthly events where the focus is to foster community engagement, individual agency, and active leadership through:

  • Social & cultural community events (MS & LDP)
  • Access to academic support (MS & LDP)
  • Practice in short & long-term goal setting (LDP)
  • Job-readiness training (LDP)

Each year, up to four LDP sophomores are selected as Merritt's Scholars and given the chance to participate in experiential excursions and proactive leadership. Learn more about Merritt's Scholars.

Oscar Monterrey, TEEP Leadership Program