Trinity Boston Foundation values all those who play a role in enabling change for the youth of Boston. Without the work of committed volunteers, we could not reach this city’s young people in such profound ways. Please browse the following roles for a way in which you can get involved. For general inquires, please contact Erin Truex.

Intern with the Development and Communications Department

Our enthusiastic team of fundraising and event-planning gurus could always use and extra hand on upcoming projects. For anything from one-off assistance with events to longer-term internships within the department, we invite a phone call or email from you expressing your interest and availability.

We are always looking for new talent for our planning committees. If you would like to contribute to the growth and strategy of the organization in a major way, please consider a place on one of the following: Governance Committee, Development Committee, Finance Committee, Programs Committee, or Bostonians for Youth Event Committee. Contact: Erin Truex.

Intern with Trinity Boston Counseling Center

TBCC demonstrates its commitment to clinical education through its internship program which aims to develop and sharpen core therapeutic competencies within a psychological/spiritual integration framework. The program includes on-site clinical work, off-site field work, clinical supervision, training in the integration of psychology and spirituality, and the varied experiences of working in an active counseling center.  Additionally, interns are encouraged to explore their own areas of interest.

The program begins in September and ends in May or June, according to the intern’s graduate school calendar. For some of the community based clinical work interns are asked to be flexible beyond the academic calendar. While it is possible and at times necessary to arrange for the internship to start or end during the summer months, most interns will have a September start date.  Interns typically work 22-24 hours per week.  Wednesday is a required working day; remaining hours may be spread from Monday-Friday. Contact: Asha Ragin.

Tutor with Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP

In order to help our students in TEEP succeed, academically and personally, we do our best to provide them with mentors who can help them excel and face the challenges the adolescence presents. Our tutors offer support to both middle school and high schoolers, primarily in Math, English, and Science and are requested on an as-needed basis.

More consistent tutoring and mentoring opportunities exist within the Roadmap to College curriculum. Volunteers help our students prepare for the ISEE entrance exam to college-prep high schools. Once in high school, our students work with college mentors who aid in the college visitation, application, and selection process. This role is taken very seriously by our staff and our students and is a great opportunity to help a young person make significant steps in their young adult lives. Contact: Priscilla Andrade.

Volunteer at McCormack Middle School

The McCormack Middle School library is always looking for eager participants to help spread love of learning throughout the school. With both isolated and long-term opportunities available, being a library volunteer is a great way to be a positive influence for our students at McCormack. Volunteers help host teacher appreciation events, library clean-up days, and science fair nights, among other things throughout the year. Our volunteers who can give time consistently each week act as Literacy Buddies to middle school students, reading with them once each week. Contact: Sophia Brion-Meisels.

Run with Sole Train: Boston Runs Together

Sole Train is for you if...

  • You can commit to 1-2 hours/week of weekday practice time and 5 weekend races/community building events
  • You are available to run through the school year, culminating with Boston's Run to Remember, a 5 mile or half marathon race
  • You're in the market for some sweet Sole Train swag
  • You want to join a supportive community of caring individuals who bring out the best in young people and adults!

No Running Experience Required!

Sole Train’s adult runners are affectionately called Old Soles, but they’re young in spirit and consistently meet our youth every step of the way. All runners in Sole Train show enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to training with and being part of the Sole Train community. As an Old Sole, volunteers attend all practices, are available and open for communication with all Sole Train runners (from youth to Site Coordinators to full-time staff), and are eager to participate in Sole Train races and team-building activities.

Our young people have varying levels of ability, and we need volunteers who can struggle and sweat alongside them, while making running fun and unintimidating! In Sole Train, Old and Young Soles alike learn that they have the ability to go distances that they never imagined possible.

Our Old Soles are positive, supportive team players who demonstrate and embody the Sole Train values of Safety, Community, Inspiration, Affirmation, and Empowerment. Old Soles are not put in place as elevated teachers for our Young Soles, but are instead an active part of a symbiotic community that learns, supports, and grows with one another. Old and Young Soles alike learn that they have the ability to go distances that they never imagined possible. Contact: Jess Leffler.


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Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh
Hernandez Mia and Mom from Hernandez Finishing Piggy Back